Why Should You Use Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop?

What is Granite?

Granite is a highly-durable natural rock which creates from inside the depths of the planet. Quarries extract it big chunks of rock. From blocks, they turn them into slabs. A massive gang watched carves through the massive stone such as a giant bread slicer. Once cut, then a particular machine polishes the granites’ surface. Consequently, this process brings out the rocks’ complete color.

What Exactly Does Granite Look Like?

Granite is available in a wide range of color and pattern combinations. It frequently comes in colors of red, brown, black, black, white, and gray. Of course, there are other exquisite colors too, like blue and green. Most slabs look with scattered black and gray specks on its own surface. In certain rocks, swirls and veins make up its overall look. And, there are a couple kinds which have minute crystals that shimmer under the lighting. These variations are inconsistent and natural. The numerous minerals that form these rocks give its special colors. Thus, no two slabs are equal. As a result, this pure procedure yields a virtually unlimited number of granite choices available on the marketplace. Call Affinity Kitchens here.

However, there’s more to granite than meets the eye. In the end, it’s a natural material that has endured through the years. A number of our history’s imperial structures are a testament to its potency. Specifically, it forms some of the fantastic pyramids of Egypt. It makes up, also, the famous palaces in Mount Rushmore. These, together with a few more, prove granite is in for the long haul.

How Hard is Granite?

What exactly makes granite an excellent counter material?

For you personally, granite is hard enough to resist abrasion. It holds out against scratches from daily kitchen preparations. It’s harder than most kitchen utensils. And, believe it or not, it is more robust than your own kitchen knives. Secondly, it’s sturdy enough to bear substantial weight. It remains steadfast even in the event that you place many kitchen things over it. It will bend nor break under normal kitchen use. Last, it’s inert enough to resist weathering. Exactly like a diamond, granite is a product of this continuous stress underground. Therefore, it absorbs heat from hot pots and pans without any consuming damage. Therefore, it is safer to use than its synthetic counterparts with resin and polyester. Granite does not melt, warp or even change color when exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore, it retains its own color and luster even when exposed to the elements.

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For many of its inherent power, granite, however, is not indestructible. Use it outside its normal purpose, and it might chip or break like every piece of stone. A countertop is meant to offer a work surface to the kitchen. So don’t stand or sit at the top of it. Utilize a stool when substituting a light bulb or hitting for the top cabinets. In addition, do not drop heavy objects onto the slab. Any sudden impact will damage its surface. Remember that with good care and maintenance, your granite countertop may outlive the house itself.

What are the Uses for Granite?

Aside from being a countertop material, it’s lots of uses too. Granite is an excellent surface for both interior and exterior applications. Polished, it creates exquisite floors, monuments, walls, stair treads, and table tops. Its deep, natural color adds elegance and warmth to any space. It works nicely with different materials, such as glass, steel, and wood. Therefore, it matches any architectural design, be it weathered or contemporary. See New & Custom Kitchens Phoenix | Affinity Kitchens

Textured, it is a reliable paver and swimming pool coping which supplies a nonstop finish. It’s also practical for shower floors and other high-moisture places. Various surface finishing, including flaming, bush hammering, and sandblasting, enables us to create stones ideal for the outdoors. These help us make use of granites that best fits our layout and needed function.

Just how Much Does Granite Price?

Here in the Philippines, a normal 3/4″ thick slab prices around Php2,000 to Php8,000 each piece. The unit price of granite each square meter varies dependent on the color. A lot of factors affect these prices. These include the rock’s origin, quality, depth, and dimension. And, like any other solution, supply and demand dictate the prices too. These factors only count the expense of the substances alone.

Keep in mind that the installation costs individually. The community provider will charge you based on your project’s level of difficulty. So, expect to pay a little more in case your countertop has a fancy edge or a lot of cutouts. We know it is tempting to put in it all by yourself, but it has to be achieved by a professional only. Granite installation requires skill, strength, expertise, and a few technical tools. Together with DIY, the one and only means you’re able to conserve money is if you get it done properly. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a brand new replacement, that will, naturally, cost you much more.

Granite’s durability makes it a lifetime investment. It is a one-time buy that will serve its function for quite a while. Hence, it’s a good deal more reasonable to have in your kitchen than simply replacing a Formica every ten decades.

How Do I Care For My Granite Countertop?

Some, but not all, granites require the routine application of rock sealer. Depending on the color of your granite countertop, you may (or may not) need to seal one or two times a year to shield it from staining.

Even when your granite does not require any sealing, it is almost always best to use trays and coasters beneath bottles and glasses. Should any spill or trickle occur, wipe off them immediately. Always use a cutting board after cooking. Never cut directly in your countertop’s surface as it will only dull your kitchen knife.

To wash, use a mild soap or a unique stone care product and a gentle, clean cloth. Do not use ammonia, vinegar bleach or bleach. Also, avoid allergies as they may wear off the employed sealer.


Whether you’re using granite for your countertop or stairs, then there’s always a color that matches your interior. Not only does this match your living area, but additionally, it increases the resale value of your residence. A granite countertop is now a selling point in case you choose to put your house on the marketplace. Furthermore, it gives a working surface which lasts a lifetime.