First Relationship

by Anonymous

I have an idea exactly what it is, therefore I do not think I’m going crazy. But dear god he’s making me crazy in a bad way, it was absolutely fine in the beginning exactly like every other connection. But the texts began to slow down and shorten to”I see””Okay””Yes” and I didn’t realize before I was scrolling through themthey really do say ignorance is bliss. He stopped being affectionate, not said”I love you” ever or any I miss you, etc, I mean weeks went by and I stopped saying it because I thought I was annoying by saying it.

He is a homebody, which is nice, coming to his house was fun, playing games and was great also. I began feeling bad so I said it felt like I was intruding on his house, but then he says that I am being intrusive by asking to hang out a lot of. Okay, sure, I probably asked”Hows Friday? No? Saturday?” But that is because he never gives me a day to hang out, I only see him less than once a week. Is it wrong to see somebody you love often? Therefore I stopped asking, he can ask me when he needs to hang out then. Whatever. A couple of weeks ago, I asked him if he even liked me anymore, he simply says that he feels like we’ve grown apart from each other and doesn’t understand how to repair it. . “What do you want to do then?” Just gave him an opening to break up with me personally, I don’t want to but I am mentally prepared. Then he throws that same question back at me, such as bitch I do not know. Did I mention his answers take over 3 hours? They do, and I have waited over 10 hours for a short reply before. Anyways, he soon proceeded to inform me that he believes we have different ideas of the way the relationship works, really vaguely told me.

I didn’t understand customs consisted of not talking to each other for a week, rather than having conversations of any type. That sums up the 4 month relationship, which brings us to today; the only reason of why I am here. I hate ranting to my buddies about him, it makes him look bad and that is pretty all I’m telling them. Today, I just found out that he went on holiday for a week, did not tell me anything. Do I have the right to be sterile? Because I am weirdly pissed, it’s funny that I did not understand but damn am I’m mad that I wasn’t even told a single word about this. Can I severely clingy? It seems as though I am but I am being told that I am not.