by Anonymous

Okay idk if it’s only me, or does anyone else feel this way also. . While our society is getting more receptive to talking about issues like depression, suicide, anxiety etc (which will help make more people become more understanding involving these topics), people are putting in less effort into really comprehending what the folks around them who experience these things are going through. They keep saying things like,”If you want someone to talk to you can dm me!!” But at the close of the day when you tell them your problems/worries/etc they do not put in much effort into entirely caring for you and helping you to explore all the options entirely. . Which sounds kinda contradictory to me because on one hand you are saying that you care and that I can’feel free’ to talk to you about what’s been on my mind but on the other hand, when I tell them that they hardly care or are undependable??

How am I supposed to feel as though I can continue to share stuff like this with you if I know that you’re either

1) Not taking my troubles seriously

2) Not be inclined to assist me as much as I help you

3) Not actually care about the way I feel towards the matter at all. . ?

If you’re gonna tell someone to’dm you’ about their problems then you ought to be willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes with it cause NO ONE forced you to do ityou VOLUNTEERED on YOUR OWN accord. If you are the kind that requires tonnes of self care, get triggered easily or consume people’s emotions too easily afterward DON’T. DO. IT. Hell, I’m an INFJ and that I really, really do get affected by people’s emotions but once I decide to listen to you, I truly go all out to attempt to see how we can best solve the problem that you’re facing. Why can’t I get the same esteem & whatnot from people nowadays? Are most people getting more on more self-centred, but setting up a fictitious front just so they appear’caring’? I truly deteste this. Together with the suicides happening these days, I really do get actuated from time to time (formerly I suffered depression and GDA) and actually need to talk to some friends about this but if I’m just gonna get responses like,”Consider your loved ones members and friends. How would they believe?” Just like DUHH you do not believe I’ve thought about that already? And I HATE it when folks say that the person commuting suicide is’selfish’ &/or’inconsiderate’ since honestly, the person who committed suicide likely believed their family and friends would be better off with them. Guilt tripping won’t assist, but will instead make YOU, the listener, look not understanding.