Car Rental Stories


Within this write-up, we bring you some amusing, strange, frightening, in addition to interesting car rental stories that really happened with people. So, here we go.

1. With Frenchman: Miscommunication is a frequent problem in car leasing cases particularly when it’s concerned about international customers. It’s story of an Italian national who arrived to a car rental office , before he could talk anything among the staff members began talking in Italian-accent laced English.¬†They attempted to explain their purpose to the client within this accent for around 15 minutes. In the end, the man appeared and said,”Sorry for the starters I am French and second I can speak in perfect English.” The team member obtained highly embarrassed and left the area allowing the supervisor to take over. Hurry all were in stitches and client shook his head in disbelief. Probably, not the type of impression he was seeking.

2. A Python at Trunk: There was client who was trying to get some grocery bags from the car when he saw a fully-grown python. Since the officers noticed the creature, they gathered it in a bag by means of a pillowcase. The snake was well-behaved and stayed quite docile during the incidence, but the owner sat cold-blooded and stunned with the opinion.

3. Floating Car: It was a sudden incident that happened when a company sent their staff to regain a drowned vehicle from a river. The client had applied for full cover insurance thought they could get away without taking the vehicle to the lender. At some point, the car damage was so large that the car had to be disposed.

4. Missing Indicator Story: One of car rental companies witnessed an unhappy case if a customer brought-in a busted automobile with a stripped off index manage, fixed steering wheel column and a completely reconfigured dashboard. The index alone cost over four hundred pounds. The client never reported one word, it was later when the driver went in the car and found out about the harm. The index handle was nowhere to be found. The business now makes it a point to check indicator handles before and after they lease a car to a customer that sounds strange but pretty okay in the event of this firm.